Added a little tweet widget – redesign coming soon.

by ryan on October 3, 2011

So i’ve added a little recent tweets widget to the right hand sidebar. I’ve become more active on twitter on my own account and on behalf of others and I really enjoy twitter, to be honest. It so simple and straight forward with lots of good third party apps being made for it (on external websites and such) that it allows you to dive deeper should you want to, without making things more complicated. And if it can’t be done on than there is probably something out there that does it, despite twitter’s API having issues at times.

In any case, my twitter account is here and a recent project called Thrifty Pixel is also represented on twitter.. Which brings me to my next point, I have been wanting to do a redesign of my personal site with some additions in mind and I’ll call those here and now so we can see how the follow through works out.

I’d like to have my front page be more simplistic, getting into who I am and what projects I am involved with yet still retaining all of my blog posts and incorporating some new features. Namely I’d like to start publishing one picture a day on a wordpress theme that is basically finished and about to be released for free called Thrifty Box.

In the spirit of consolidation and becoming more serious about posting here I’ll be putting up more thoughts and technical posts about goings ons in my web development world.

I anticipate all of these things being done in the next month, so check back after that and lets see how I did!