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hear every sample that Kanye West has ever used in this video

by ryan on October 18, 2011

anything in fisheye looks like a beastie boys video

by ryan on June 22, 2011

just wanted to share some shots that were fun to take, fun to edit and run effects on and fun to share. the stars of the show is a (1) beau hall and (2) j.m. temkin as we make our (…)

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patch merritt, the best dog in the world

by ryan on June 22, 2011

so this is patch, or patches or patchy. when i got him, his name was the latter two and i shortened it to patch and added my last name, merritt. i got him at the liberty humane society at jersey (…)

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a chanel bag made of beef jerky

by ryan on May 31, 2011

this craziness was sent to me today. deliciously expensive.

best little music/concerts/reading/viewing nuggets – week 18

by ryan on May 10, 2011

this week’s collection of reading, watching and listening. interesting reading/viewing from slashdot “Last year ProPublica won the first Pulitzer for an online news site. This year, they have been awarded the first Pulitzer for a series that did not appear (…)

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