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hear every sample that Kanye West has ever used in this video

by ryan on October 18, 2011

the closest thing to Flux (F.lux) on the Android phone I can find

by ryan on October 17, 2011

Flux (or F.lux) is used to adjust the display of your monitors in either linux, windows, mac os and even iPhones so that the color that is displayed is compatible with our biological systems so that we may go to (…)

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interesting Jeff Ellis video on aquatic management

by ryan on June 7, 2011

working with inspirational people is always the best. often times you don’t discover how influential and awesome the people who you are around because of their modesty or lack of free time and discover more about them as time passes. (…)

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a chanel bag made of beef jerky

by ryan on May 31, 2011

this craziness was sent to me today. deliciously expensive.

she sends these to me

by ryan on May 23, 2011

daily distractions, they are called 1. can’t hurt to try it!,,20336012_7,00.html 2. color themes for web design! 3. more from jtimb on SNL (shit is funny): 4. honest logos: 5. this is what we should do (…)

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