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a chanel bag made of beef jerky

by ryan on May 31, 2011

this craziness was sent to me today. deliciously expensive.

this is how i feel about coffee

by ryan on April 27, 2011

80s video, “no york city” by Rick Liss

by ryan on March 22, 2011

From the description A five minute film by Rick Liss. A portrait of New York City circa early 1980s. Which was an extremely fertile time creatively in New York City. This is a record of the city at that (…)

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patch’s mountain

by ryan on February 16, 2011

patch at the local coffee shop, all worked up after seeing some other creatures  

dave grohl and kyle gass talking about writing hits

by ryan on February 16, 2011

And for fun, an old, drunk dave grohl video where he says “don’t tell me how to make a record. I was in nirvana. I was in the greatest rock and roll band in the nineties! We changed the course (…)

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