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Its an old timey photograph

by ryan on August 16, 2011

….thatssss from todayyy. Old timey photographs that arent really old timey photographs. Joshs bike at empire coffee in hoboken. Feels for a second that it could be some random romantic city somewhere far off with lots of culture or something.

anything in fisheye looks like a beastie boys video

by ryan on June 22, 2011

just wanted to share some shots that were fun to take, fun to edit and run effects on and fun to share. the stars of the show is a (1) beau hall and (2) j.m. temkin as we make our (…)

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iris records in jersey city, new jersey

by ryan on March 22, 2011

  my friend found a scratch record for me while at iris records in jersey city at 114 brunswick st. they¬†apparently¬†re-opened recently, buying and selling records, cds, dvds, lps and books and rock, soul, hip hop + vinyl. they are (…)

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