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the closest thing to Flux (F.lux) on the Android phone I can find

by ryan on October 17, 2011

Flux (or F.lux) is used to adjust the display of your monitors in either linux, windows, mac os and even iPhones so that the color that is displayed is compatible with our biological systems so that we may go to (…)

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Added a little tweet widget – redesign coming soon.

by ryan on October 3, 2011

So i’ve added a little recent tweets widget to the right hand sidebar. I’ve become more active on twitter on my own account and on behalf of others and I really enjoy twitter, to be honest. It so simple and (…)

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Free Facebook Fan Page SSL Hosting

by ryan on October 1, 2011

Me and a team of my friends recently launched a simple, but PHP and JavaScript enabled (currently) service offering Free Fan Page Hosting with SSL enabled. The goal is to facilitate relationships, gauge a possible need for the service geared (…)

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its called Freedom Box and its the alternate net that we need

by ryan on June 18, 2011

freedom box will enable us to take our privacy back on the internet. the internet is controlled by people who do not have ourĀ interestsĀ in mind, and these forces will always be trying to reduce privacy on the internet. freedom box (…)

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drupal’s new found humor site – ‘all of the drupal that is unfit to print’

by ryan on November 8, 2010

as drupal continues to rapidly grow it gains perhaps its first satire/comedy type of site called who are publishing ‘all of the drupal that is unfit to print’. as an avid user of drupal its very nice to see (…)

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