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the best quote regarding the recent death of a visionary

by ryan on October 21, 2011

“All operating systems know when they were born. Their internal clocks start counting from then, so they can calculate the date and time in the future. It is unclear whether it was Mr Ritchie or Mr Thompson who set the (…)

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Added a little tweet widget – redesign coming soon.

by ryan on October 3, 2011

So i’ve added a little recent tweets widget to the right hand sidebar. I’ve become more active on twitter on my own account and on behalf of others and I really enjoy twitter, to be honest. It so simple and (…)

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interesting Jeff Ellis video on aquatic management

by ryan on June 7, 2011

working with inspirational people is always the best. often times you don’t discover how influential and awesome the people who you are around because of their modesty or lack of free time and discover more about them as time passes. (…)

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drupal’s new found humor site – ‘all of the drupal that is unfit to print’

by ryan on November 8, 2010

as drupal continues to rapidly grow it gains perhaps its first satire/comedy type of site called who are publishing ‘all of the drupal that is unfit to print’. as an avid user of drupal its very nice to see (…)

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leonardo da vinci

by ryan on September 14, 2010

“Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are the most active.” Leonardo da Vinci