Free Facebook Fan Page SSL Hosting

by ryan on October 1, 2011

Me and a team of my friends recently launched a simple, but PHP and JavaScript enabled (currently) service offering Free Fan Page Hosting with SSL enabled.

The goal is to facilitate relationships, gauge a possible need for the service geared towards public relations, web designers and small business owners with tech utilizing owners.

So, for now it offers 5 free fan pages and 1 free advanced fan page which has the support for JavaScript and PHP. We plan on offering templates & themes (soon enough ones that will match the wordpress themes we will put out) along with some code to tie in different analytics systems and automated A/B testing that will resolve on its own which version of a page appears to be most successful.

If anyone is interested head over to serious fan pages and sign up for an invitation to the free account.

Also, coincidentally (not really) today is October 1st, 2011 and it is the day that Facebook will no longer allow non SSL Fan Pages to be embedded via iFrames.

Its an old timey photograph

by ryan on August 16, 2011


….thatssss from todayyy.

Old timey photographs that arent really old timey photographs.

Joshs bike at empire coffee in hoboken. Feels for a second that it could be some random romantic city somewhere far off with lots of culture or something.

anything in fisheye looks like a beastie boys video

by ryan on June 22, 2011

just wanted to share some shots that were fun to take, fun to edit and run effects on and fun to share. the stars of the show is a (1) beau hall and (2) j.m. temkin as we make our way to edgewater mitsua.

patch merritt, the best dog in the world

by ryan on June 22, 2011

so this is patch, or patches or patchy. when i got him, his name was the latter two and i shortened it to patch and added my last name, merritt. i got him at the liberty humane society at jersey city. he is a pitbull mix and i didn’t know what to think of pitbulls as i had never spent any time around them. they are by FAR my favorite dog now, easily beating corgis, all labs, poodles, golden retrievers and any and all other dogs i’ve ever had or been around. turns out i had just joined the likes of jessica alba, ira glass of NPR fame, general george patton, the late steve irwin, daily show host jon stewart, inventor and american history icon thomas edison, legendary screenwriter mel brooks and even such 1990s stars as alicia silverstone and david spade.

patch merritt

patch merritt

patch merritt

patch merritt

patch merritt

patch merritt

i love you patch!

its called Freedom Box and its the alternate net that we need

by ryan on June 18, 2011

freedom box will enable us to take our privacy back on the internet. the internet is controlled by people who do not have our interests in mind, and these forces will always be trying to reduce privacy on the internet. freedom box aims to turn typical hardware in to ad hoc capable and on the fly encryption of everything internet.

view this video, using every day terms, to understand freedom box.

there is also coverage at CBS on freedom box.

it is founded by Eben Moglen, a lawyer, teacher and technology leader.