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laulu päivä – grayskul – missing ft andrea zollo

by ryan on February 19, 2011

song of the day is by grayskul, called ‘missing’ featuring andrea zollo.

песен на деня – air waves – force fed

by ryan on February 18, 2011

Wonderful! I’ve never heard of air waves, but again, listening to KEXP it was the golden nugget today.

sång av dagen – smith westerns – weekend

by ryan on February 17, 2011

you know when KEXP plays the same song two days in a row its currently the bee’s knees. that makes todays song an obvious pick the smith westerns – weekend

song of the day – down for good

by ryan on February 14, 2011

mike korman’s down for good is the song of the day!

Пісня дня – The Dears, Omega Dog

by ryan on February 9, 2011

Tight Kick Drums! The Song of the Day, or it should be called “The song of the occasional <insert time frame here>” is The Dears – Omega Dog