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Added a little tweet widget – redesign coming soon.

by ryan on October 3, 2011

So i’ve added a little recent tweets widget to the right hand sidebar. I’ve become more active on twitter on my own account and on behalf of others and I really enjoy twitter, to be honest. It so simple and straight forward with lots of good third party apps being made for it (on external [...]

super coooool stuff for web peoples; less framework is html5, css3 and multi-adjusting-column-tablet-phone-computer goodness

by ryan on September 6, 2010

Less Framework is wonderful. It has a multi column layout that displays different at specified device resolutions. Making one layout, once, for an iPhone, iPad and computer is possible thanks to Less Framework. Viewable on Blackberries to Android phones it displays great and has lots of features for the most hardcore of front end web [...]