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interesting Jeff Ellis video on aquatic management

by ryan on June 7, 2011

working with inspirational people is always the best. often times you don’t discover how influential and awesome the people who you are around because of their modesty or lack of free time and discover more about them as time passes. (…)

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godzilla and busta rhymes woo ha video

by ryan on March 31, 2011

das pop – the game video

by ryan on March 31, 2011

found at metafilter and thusly 50watts

80s video, “no york city” by Rick Liss

by ryan on March 22, 2011

From the description A five minute film by Rick Liss. A portrait of New York City circa early 1980s. Which was an extremely fertile time creatively in New York City. This is a record of the city at that (…)

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red snapper – the sleepless

by ryan on February 18, 2011

couldn’t find this anywhere other than youtube, so a video of red snapper – the sleepless so beautiful and simple, whoever produced it is great. soft lyrics on a lounge type of beat with some fuzz and pop composed of (…)

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